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    Staff List

    Important: Read this before contacting any Staff member.

    If you need Staff assistance, please send a PM to only ONE Staff member, don't message many Staff members with the same issue. Messaging all the staff with the same thing won't make us solve your problem faster, you are just wasting our time, and your message might get ignored.

    Private Messages are not a chat: don't send many consecutive messages with one sentence each, spamming our inbox. Write everything you need to say in ONE PM and then wait for an answer.

    Once you have sent a PM, please wait a reasonable amount of time to give us time to answer. The Staff member you have PMed will help you with your issue or redirect you to a higher Staff member if necessary.

    Staff List

    Administrator/Head Developer:
    Dragon - English - Send PM

    Head GameMaster/Development Team:
    Arashu - English/Spanish - Send PM

    Pr0phet - English/Romanian - Send PM

    Zarkos - English/German - Send PM
    Strauss - English/German - Send PM
    SKIZZATO - English/Italian - Send PM
    GodZeuS - English/French - Send PM

    Who to contact if you need support:

    For donation issues, account issues, ranking and donator rewards, lost or deleted items, stolen accounts, or reporting a member of the Staff, please contact the Administrator.
    For forum moderation, guides, banned accounts, development/bugs information, forum and social networks events, and promotions, please contact the Head GameMaster.
    For basic support and questions, in game events, siege monitoring, and help inside the game please contact any of our GameMasters and GameSages
    To report a bug please use the Technical Support & Bug Reports section.
    To report a player please use the Behavior Reports section.
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