Eternia Games Last Chaos Forum Rules

These rules are a guide of conduct every user of Eternia Games Forums must follow. These rules apply to threads, chatbox, blogs, user profiles, user profile pictures, avatars, signatures, and any other part of these forums.

Threads that do not follow these rules will be closed, archived or deleted. Users that break any of these rules will have different consequences regarding the severity of the fault, from warnings, to infractions, to temporary or even permanent bans on their accounts. Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse to break them; all our users must be aware of these rules and consider themselves warned from the moment this announcement is made.

These are only General Rules for posting and forum etiquette. Game Rules also apply to Forums, especially Behavior Rules.
See Game Rules for more info.

General Forum Rules

  • Users must follow orders given by Eternia Games Staff asigned to moderation of the forums, and respect their decisions.

  • The language of the Main Forums is english only. Posting on other languages is only allowed on the International section.

  • The language of the Chatbox is english only. In some cases staff can make exceptions. Staff members can allow someone to speak in another language they both understand to solve some particular issue with celerity.

  • Signatures can contain 1 or more images, but they can't surpass 800x400 px in total. This means you can have one image with a size of 800x400, or two images with a size of 800x200, for example. If you wish to add more images you can do it inside a spoiler. You can also add text as long as it doesn't make the signature too long. Images on Signatures, Avatars and Profile Pictures should be made in a color pattern according to our forums, if it's annoying to the eye, it will be removed. Moderators can remove any Signature, Avatar or Profile Picture that doesn't follow these guidelines without warning.

  • Only Eternia Games Staff Members can use Signatures, Avatars or Profile Pictures with Staff titles like GS, GM, etc. Retired Staff Members must remove anything that claims that they are Staff members and can mislead and confuse people. Moderators can remove any Signature, Avatar or Profile Picture that doesn't follow these guidelines without warning.

  • Spamming or Spam Threads are not allowed. Posters who repeteadly create pointless threads or posts, will be considered as spamming. DoublePosting, and posting several times after yourself without any logical reason (with exceptions like threads that need several posts to contain all the information, like guides) will be considered spamming. Necroing/Resurrecting threads is not allowed. Bumping threads repeteadly without no apparent logic reason will be considered spamming.

  • No Suggestive Links. This includes links to Hacking, Pornography, Illegal Downloads of any kind, Illegal Websites, etc.

  • Publishing information about the identity of other player or Staff member without their consent is not allowed and will be severely punished. This includes any kind of personal information like Names, Phone Numbers, Pictures, Adresses, E-Mail Adresses, Links to Personal Websites, Private Messages or Private Chat Logs.

  • No advertisement or selling products or services of any kind. Announcing or talking about any game, company, etc., with the purpose of gaining users/players or make economic profit won't be tolerated. This includes other private servers that are not part from the Eternia Games Community. Any kind of talk or discussion about other servers, their name, their staff, or info about them counts as advertising.

  • Transactions or any talk about transactions with real money involved are forbidden. This includes trying to buy or sell game accounts for real money.

  • No threads, chatbox, blogs, user profiles, user profile pictures, avatars, signatures, or any other kind of public method of communication can contain information on how to modify your client files. This includes: .exe, .dll, .bin, .lod, etc. You can still share modifications to the interface, which are purely graphical and don't modify your client otherwise. These files are .tex mostly.

  • Chatbox is not for support. It is a chat for members of the Eternia Games Community to interact with each other and share small talk. Chatbox it's not a place to ask for Staff help, report bugs, report errors, give suggestions, etc. Also obviously Staff won't be there 24/7 waiting to answer you on the same second you need them, and they are not obliged to read every single word on the archive to know what was talked on it. If you need Staff assistance or have something to suggest or report, create a thread on the correct section or send a PM to a Staff member.

Moderators can ask you to follow specific rules even if they are not specified on this list or other threads around the forums.
It is obviously impossible to know in advance any possible situation, so new rules can be applied when necessary to mantain the forum order.
Trying to find loopholes on the rules, trying to interpret or manipulate their meanings to avoid punishments, or constantly fighting Moderators against the rules they apply is not allowed.

If you have been banned, creating multiaccounts to avoid that ban is forbidden.
Remember that your behavior on forum can affect also your accounts in game. Users who repeteadly infract our rules can have their in game accounts banned too.
If you got an infraction or a ban and you think it wasn't fair, or you need to discuss anything about it, contact the ADM or the HGM.

Eternia Games Last Chaos can edit and change these rules at any time.
Thank you for playing our games and abiding by our rules.

Eternia Games Last Chaos Staff