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Thread: advertising fix

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    advertising fix

    fix it so that 1 day old accounts cannot post http addresses or spam ads .delete them kill them make them stop .do not tolerate the abuse of eglc forum . sue them ,pursue them make them pay . game forums are not a place for ads that create an overload on account systems and cause additional work for moderators or harm the content and player base .
    this is not ad central . it is for players and game information only . they must be removed or all a player will see is ads that detrimate a players view of the forums hence causeing damage to the game and forum . do not allow them to multiply .

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    Hello mana

    It's true, they are so many it's such hard work for us to remove them everyday! And many times we miss important threads that get buried under the spam.

    We thought on a solution like you said, but the problem with that is that many players don't have forum accounts and sometimes they create one when they are on a rush to report something, like players breaking rules or bug reports. Then if we do that, they wouldn't be able to report right away.

    We are trying to look into other solutions though, we also want for this to stop as soon as possible!



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