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    Unhappy Installation/game issue

    Alright I just got my new-to-me laptop today because my other one bit the dust, I downloaded LC (I believe it was the second link on the download page) and installed...and it's like some files are missing, especially the app file to launch the client. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Jayne,

    Please try with the RAR version you can find on this post: Latest Client Downloads.

    There is no installation required, you only need to download it and extract it to a folder. Then run the launcher inside and load the patches.

    However make sure you have your antivirus off since the start, and only activate it once you have finished patching, and have added the game folder and launcher to your antivirus exceptions. The antivirus is probably the cause of your issue with missing files.

    Good luck!



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