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    I'm having the problem too, cannot connect to the game. It's not my antivirus cause i deactivated it then reinstall the game and still not working.

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    hey guys i have the same Problem with the error , my Problem is that i have Windows 10 and i cant open RaR Folders idk why , i have reload the game 2 times but it didnt Change anything i hope some one can help me i want to Play lc..

    hey nochmal an die almans unter euch ich habe Windows 10 und kann keine rar ,zip Daten ÷ffen weiss nicht wesahlb das jetzt so ist , habe auch das error Problem und komme nicht mehr ins spiel rein ..

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    EG LastChaos | Head GameMaster Dev Team Arashu's Avatar
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    Hey guys

    We have notified the admin again about this problem.

    While we wait for him to find a solution, please use nksp to enter the game after you have patched it.

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    zum entpacken der Datei brauchst du das Programm dafŘr.


    ich entpacke auch mal wieder, weil wieder Error Log kam , nach dem Entpacken geht es meist wieder, aber es ist nervig ..
    den es nimmt mehr zeit in Anspruch als n÷tig!

    Ich hoffe das es bald eine L÷sung gibt!

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    i am still having error problems i have tried reinstalling the full client and the rar files multiple times... ive deactivated my antivirus before runing installs and running the games and still my client crashes before i get to logg in and i also try nksp and still get error 2 days of no play time please help

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    This issue should now be resolved. If it begins again please open a new topic.




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