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    June Update 2017

    Hello Eternians!
    Today we bring you a new update to celebrate the start of the Summer!

    This is just a small part of all the new things we have been working on.
    (We also have another special patch in the works that will come at a later date!).

    But we wanted to give you some changes and bug fixes already, and also implement a new event for the change of season.
    Read more about it below!

    • Summer Event: A new event with amazing rewards is waiting for you! Yes, we also have bosses this time Summer Event.
    • Summer Screenshots Event: Post your summer themed photos and win cash! Summer Screenshots.
    • Dusk Dragon Special Promotion: This is an unique chance to win an exclusive mount not available anywhere else! Dusk Dragon Special Promotion.
    • Artifact Hunter Event Activated: It's back! Please make sure to enjoy it while it lasts. Artifact Hunter.
    • New System against Artifact AFK: From now on, if you're holding the artifact and you enter a safezone, you will have 10 minutes to go back out or you will lose your artifact. Players will receive several warnings before the artifact dissapears.
    • New Item-Linking System: If you hold shift and click on an item in your inventory, it will be added to the chat so you can show it to others! If the item is a piece of equipment, they will be able to see specific details like seals and upgrades too! Note: This system has a waiting period between linking items to avoid spamming. If you link one item and then you find you can't link another right away, that doesn't mean the system is broken, you just have to wait a bit!
    • New System that automatically removes Ignition and Cube when attacking other players: This will work at its best on sieges. It will affect also regular PK and arena, but only when re-entering/reactivating PK mode. Since this new system is still experimental, please give us some feedback on it!
    • New Item - Faction Booster: Use this to get double faction points when killing monsters. You can find it on cash shop.
    • Elementalist's spirits will now match the speed of their owner: They won't be left behind anymore!
    • GameMasters will now be inmune to tracking items: This will stop people from cheating on events and other similar abuses.
    • GameMasters will now have autologin for commands: This speeds up the work of a GM inmensely.
    • GameMasters can now kick players more easily and accurately through the player menu: This speeds up the work of a GM inmensely.
    • Help System Updated and Issues Fixed: You should be able to access the correct forum sections from inside the game again.
    • Hitboxes for Aliens on Infested Juno have been reduced in size: You should be able to click around more comfortably now!
    • Access to ingame Calendar has been fixed.
    • Affinity Bonus from Fortune Costumes has been fixed.
    • Affinity Bonus from Guild Skills has been fixed.

    As always, if you find something not working properly, please let us know by creating a thread on our Bug Reports section.

    We hope you enjoy this update!
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    Hey Guys, due to an unsolved issue atm, you may experience an error report upon using the launcher to start the game.

    Please be sure to run the launcher to get any updates as always.

    Temporarily for now, please navigate to the Bin folder and launch via NKSP.exe until we are able to solve this issue.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Issue should be resolved, if you encounter an error again please reinstall to be sure it isn't a patching issue.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    I like the shift click item thingy, cool update



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