Hello Eternians! Today we introduce our Summer Event!
Below you can read all the info about it.

Regular Monsters Drops

[Event] Summer Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer & NightShadow
Gold Booster
Item Drop Booster
Skill Point Booster
Holy Water of Strenght
EG Summer 2017 Token
EG Summer 2017 Box I
EG Summer 2017 Box II

Boss Monsters Drop

[Event Boss] Summer Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer & NightShadow
Medal of the Mercenary
Cursed Emblem of Destruction
Cursed Emblem of Annihilation
Cursed Emblem of Extinction
Experience Booster
Platinum Blessed Iris
Jewel Pocket Grade 13
Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 13
Jewel Pocket Grade 14
Chaos Jewel Pocket Grade 14

Boss Monsters Information

6 Hours



Summer Boxes

EG Summer 2017 Box I - 5 Token
Summer Small MP Potion
Summer Small HP Potion
Summer Small Evasion Potion
Summer Small HitRate Potion
Summer Small Defense Potion
Summer Small Attack Potion
Siege Power Booster
Siege Protection
Platinum Power Potion
Platinum Berserker Potion
Medium Medicine x5
Lucky Spell Book
Socket Reset Card
Sunglasses Box

EG Summer 2017 Box II - 10 Token
Summer Big MP Potion
Summer Big HP Potion
Summer Big Evasion Potion
Summer Big HitRate Potion
Summer Big Defense Potion
Summer Big Attack Potion
Siege Defense
Siege Stamina
Platinum Agility Potion
Platinum Concentration Potion
Strong Medicine x5
Platinum Lucky Spell Book
Advanced Grade Re-Former
Swimming Suit Box

We hope you enjoy this event!