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    Question Need some guidance

    Is there anyone willing to help me with some in game questions I have as to how things work? I haven't played LC for over 5 years now and when I did I was a clueless kid that did what my guildies told me. NEED HELP PLEASE :((

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    Hello VerballyAbusive,

    if you need help in general, your best option is joining a guild, that way you will get help inside the game at any time.

    You can also look for any of your GameSages and GameMaster inside the game, and ask them any questions you have, and they will help you and explain to you anything you need.

    Make sure you check our Guide section too, maybe some of the info you need it's located there.

    If you prefer you can also ask specific questions in here and we will assist you.

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    One main issue is that my popup quests do not pop up on the right side for any of my toons?

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