Help System

With this system you can check the most important information posted in our forums, but from inside the game!
To learn how to use it, follow the next steps!

First make sure that Help is activated on the game options. To see this press Z and then Option, and make sure Help is marked:

After that, you will be able to access the Help System from the icon on the top right of your screen:

Or from the action menu; press J and scroll all the way down:

Once you click on any of these, you will see the main menu of the Help System:

Click the option you want to see, and it will show inside that same window:

Like this, you can check the most important information, and most of the forum, at the same time you play!

However remember that to realize some actions like send a pm, create threads or post, you will still need to log in with your forum account inside that window first. To do this, scroll the page all the way to the top and introduce your forum login information:

If you choose for your login information to be remembered, you will find your forum account always logged in, from all your accounts without needing to log in again!

We hope you enjoy this system and it's useful for all of you!