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    Double Event

    Double Event

    Hello Eternians!

    I receive many questions every week about double event, and many people still aren't sure of when does it start, end, etc. Please read this thead to know this info!

    • Double Event happens every weekend, with x2 Experience, x2 Skill Points, and x2 Gold.

    • Every weekend means that the event will be active during Saturday and Sunday. Of course this schedule can vary depending in our availability, since it needs to be activated manually everytime. But we will do our best to have double event active during most of Saturday and Sunday so people can enjoy it.

    • Remember that for EXP and SP, there is always a hard cap of around 300%. So if you are using PBI and you want to get the most of the double event, you should use Mega (400%) or Epic (500%) Spells to extend that cap.

    • Gold has no cap. Make sure to use items like Platinum Lucky Spell Book and Gold Booster to maximize gold received! You can also use the Artifact if it's active, and the Telerium Blessing buff to increase it even more.

    Please enjoy our double event!
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