Durability System

Basic Info
Some special equipment items now have durability.

When using these items, the durability will decrease. If the durability reaches 0, item stats will stop working. To recover durability, you can pay gold or use special items. Items will never dissapear or be destroyed if the durablity reaches 0. Only item effects will be affected.

Durability Decreasing
1. Weapons: Durability in weapons will decrease when attacking enemies.
2. Armors and Accesories: Durability in armor and accesories will decrease when enemies attack you.

Durability decreases 0.1 points each hit. When durability reaches 0, durability will change to red and the icon will also show a red glow.

Repairing Durability
Your default maximum durability on each piece of equipment is 300. If this goes down, and you want to recover it, you need to visit the Miner Trainer and select the option repairing durability. You have two options:

1. Normal Repair: You can repair the durability using gold. Just put the equipment piece on the top slot and click on Normal Repair.

Using this option you will recover all your durability, but you will lose 1 point of maximum durability each time. If your durability is 0/300 and you use this option, you will end up with 299/299. Maximum durability will continue decreasing by 1 point each time you use this option.

2. Special Repair: You can repair the durability using the item Mysterious Whetstone. The repair will require 1 of these items for each 1 point of durability you want to recover. Drag your Mysterious Whetstones to the right slot to repair using this system, and click on Special Repair.

By using this option, the maximum durability won't be reduced at all.

Recovering Maximum Durability
If you have repaired your durability with Normal Repair, and your maximum durability has been decreased, you can recover it by using the item Mysterious Hammer. Use the option Recovering Max Durability on the Miner Trainer. Place your piece of equipment on top and the Mysterious Hammers on the right. You will need to use 1 of each items for each 1 point of maximum durability you want to recover.

Once you are done with it, piece will recover the max durability and you will be able to repair up to that new cap again.

Maximum durability can't be extended further than 300 points, which is the original cap.

Additional Information

  • Melded items will lose durability when used, but can't be repaired while melded. To repair a melded item, you need to unmeld it first.
  • You can find the items Mysterious Whetstone and Mysterious Hammer on Cash Shop and Lacaball.
  • You can repair your items remotely if you have the Premium Character Package active.