Basic Info
  • Totems are items that summon a totem NPC which is designed to give helpful buff for players or attack enemies.
  • Totems can be classified according to its role between buff totems and offensive totems.
  • Totems can be usable at any place except personal dungeons.
  • Totems can't use any skills at Non-PK zones, including towns.
  • Only one totem per player can be summoned (whether it's a buff totem or offensive totem).
  • Due to restriction area of totem skill, any skills can not be usable beyond its range.
  • Summoned totems can use 1 to 4 skills and each of those skills and skill levels can be different among totems.
  • Every totem has its own usage level and at higher level they can use more useful skills.
  • Totems will have its own name over its head along with owner's name so everyone can identify its owner.
  • A simplified message will be displayed in system message window in case of totem disappearing.
  • Summoned totem will be disappear on the situations described as below:
    - HP became 0.
    - Duration of totem ran out of time.
    - Player being too far away from the totem.
    - Moved to different zone after summoned a totem.
    - Terminated a client or moved to character selection screen after summoned a totem
    - Player who summoned a totem got killed.

Buff Totems
  • A buff totem is designed to give away useful buffs to the player who summoned it and its party members.
  • This type of totem can not be attacked by other players or monsters, unlike offensive totem.
  • A buff from buff totem can not be stacked or overlapped so there will be always only one buff available no matter how many totems are summoned on a party.
  • A buff totem will only cast a buff for the player and his/her party mates.
  • It also can be used at Non-PK areas (including towns) since it is not set as offensive so its buff can be affect the player.

Offensive Totems
  • An offensive totem is designed to attack any enemies that are recognized by the player as an enemy.
  • This kind of totem is does not have invincible mode like the buff totem, so it can be attacked by other players or monsters, and if its HP goes down to 0, then the totem will disappear.
  • An offensive totem will share target information with a player so it will not attack any members in the party or guild including same faction in RvR.
  • If the PK mode is turned to On by a player who summoned a totem, then the totem will attack any players around it.
  • This kind of totem is set with higher defense and hit rate and that means it can have better chance to hit the target even if there is some level gap between target and totem.
  • Various range of HP is set to totems and a totem which is designed to use with lower level is set its HP to higher.
  • An offensive totem can be summoned at Non-OK area but its damage taken by other players will be ignored.

You can find Totems on Cash Shop and Lacaball. You can also buy level 50 Totems with gold on Eternia Special Vendor.