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02-16-2017, 06:30 PM
Iris Item Pictorial Book

The Pictorial Book is an achievement system you can complete offering items you can find dropping, inside affinities, or in merchants. By offering this items you will receive exclusive rewards and titles. Prizes are small at first, but start increasing in difficulty, and the rewards get increased too. They work in chains where you need to unlow lower achievements you access the higher ones.

You can access the Iris Item Pictorial Book clicking on the orange book icon on top of the radar:


On the Summary section, you can check the progress of the 4 main chain of achievements and the total progress of the book. You can also see recommended achievements for you, or the next achievements you can complete.


On the Theme section, you can offer your items and claim rewards. To do this, select an achievement on the left list, and offer the items on the right using the + icon. Once you have done it, click on the Register Items button. Once you have completed an achievement, the button will change and you will be able to use it to claim your reward. On the left you can also find a search feature that can help you find achievements easier.


Check this system, try to find all the items, and complete the challenge!