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02-16-2017, 06:29 PM
Pet Fairy System

Basic Info
- The Pet Fairy is a separated storage to store a pet. (Both of P1 and P2 can be stored)
- Each storage can store up to 20 of pets.
- You can select one of pets and use the proxy nurturing system. (Equipped pet will share 10% EXP of it has earned.)
- The Loyalty and Hunger of stored pet will be recovered automatically. (1 point per every 1 hour)

The tickets to use this system are currently available in the cash shop.


When using the ticket you will randomly get 1 of 6 fairies, each having their own look. Tip: You can use as many of the tickets as you want to keep trying to get the fairy you want. The time stack, so if you use 12x 30 day tickets you will have the fairy for a year.


The system is accessed in the top right of your screen.


You can drag your pet into the box to store it in the pet fairy


You can store up to 20 pets, keeping your inventory free. At any time you can transfer pets back to inventory.


You have the option to select one pet to Nuture. Nutured pets gain 10% of EXP that your equipped P2 pet gains. You can train two pets at once!


Enjoy the system!