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02-16-2017, 06:28 PM
Mysterious Statue System

Hello Eternians!

With the Mysterious Statue you will be able to receive mail from friends, events, and the trading agent. All trading agent transactions will be delivered through this new NPC. You may access this NPC by talking to it in town or buying a ticket from cash shop to use it anywhere. You can also have access to this system from a month and receive items from any location if you use the Character Premium Package.

If you want to use the mailing golem anywhere, you can purchase tickets from our cash shop. Tip: Tickets stack time if you use multiple.


You can access the NPC when you have used the ticket from any location. Its button is located in the top right next to the Pet Fairy button.


You can alternatively not use a ticket and just access the golem at its physical location on all the towns.


You can mail items to your friends via the Mailing Marble item. It is available for purchase in the Eternia Special Vendor. Please note: 1 Mailing Marble is consumed per item stack.


To mail an item with the mailing marble simple double click the mailing marble item. You can then drag the item you want to send into the box. The marble will turn purple once its confirmed the item can be sent. Then you will need to type the players name into the box. Once the name is typed, hit the Magnifying glass and it will search to see if a player by that name exists. If it does, it will highlight and allow you to hit the confirm button. Once hitting confirm it will ask you if you are sure you want to send it. If you are sure then send it!


When you have received mail, the top right button will be blinking. Also the golem's bead will be purple instead of yellow.


When opening the NPC or using the button it will display all your mail with information about who sent it and when it expires. Please note that mail DOES expire. Don't leave things in there for long! We aren't responsible!