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01-05-2017, 02:35 PM
Beginner Guide

Hello Eternians! On this guide you will find all the basics you need to know when you first start playing in our server!

First Steps

When you create a new character, and before you start leveling, you should know a couple of things:

- Starter Pack: Every new character receives one, with many free useful potions, titles, and level 50, 100, and 150 +20 equipment that will help you getting started.
- Eternia Starter Buffs: You can take them from the NPCs in Juno, they will make your first steps even easier!.


You can choose the way you prefer to level, delivering completed quests with PBI or leveling only by killing monsters using PBI, EXPB, Epic Spell, and other items.

- This is the "starter" step. Do the Starter Quests from the NPC Akane located on the Juno Spawn and you will be 165 in a few minutes.

- Leveling with quests: You need to do BloodyMir, Mondshine, and Tarian quests.
- Leveling with monsters: Kill monsters inside Infested Juno.

- Leveling with quests: You need to do Infested, Citadel, Telerium, and WorldBoss Quests. You can also do the Daily Leveling Quests which give a lot of experience.
- Leveling with monsters: Kill monsters on Telerium. Yettis are the easiest.

- Leveling with quests: You need to do Alber, Cursed Tower, and Elemental Boss Quests.
- Leveling with monsters: Kill monsters on Cursed Tower. 9th Floor is best place for it.

Skill Points

You get a lot of free SP if you do certain quests and deliver them with PSSP

- Starter Quests (1-165): They give in total 48.000 SP using PSSP.
- Backpack Quest "Special Gift" (60): Gives 33.000 SP using PSSP.
- Forgetfulness Quests "Sign of Life", "Surgical Strike", and "Punishing Erraticrat" (60-75): They give in total 84.150 SP using PSSP.
- Egeha Quest "I am the Veteran" (100-MAX): Gives 33.000 SP using PSSP.

All this quests together give a total of 198.150 Skill Points. You can also use a LvL 200 Jumping Potion, and you will get 150.000 free SP. Then it would be 348.150 in total.


- Levels 1-150. Use the free starter sets +20.
- 170 Set: You can buy this easily on the Eternia Special Vendor. There's 5 versions, choose the one that will help you more depending on your class and the way you play.
- 190 Set: You can easily drop this inside Infested Juno, in all the regular monsters. It comes inside the Ramslo boxes.
- 215 Set: You can easily drop this on Telerium, in all the regular monsters. It comes inside the 215 Set boxes.
- 230 Set: You can get this set inside the stores from Cursed affinities (Cursed Kailux and Cursed Dilamun). You can find these affinities inside Cursed Tower. The store needs 5.000.000 points to be opened but there's quests on the side that give those points for free.

Skill Books

- 90 Souls: You can drop them on the Akan bosses like always, but they also drop in all normal monsters inside Akan.
- 100 Veteran: You will get this book as a reward on the quest "I am the Veteran" in Egeha or as a drop on the WorldBosses.
- 102 Skills: You can find them on the Cube as before but also now they drop in Tomb's monsters.
- 122-132 Skills: You can drop them on the monsters inside Floraim's Cave.
- 200 Telerium Blessing: You can find them inside the Telerium affinity store.
- Guild Skills: You can drop the book on Cursed Brainwashed Balrog on the 10th Floor of Cursed Tower, or get it on the Lacaball.

All of these books (except Telerium Blessing) can be found also in Cash Shop.


You can get affinities through the old usual ways but also through other custom ways we have introduced to make it easier. The choices are:

- Killing monsters to get affinity points.
- Buying affinity items to other players or getting them through other affinity shops. Many of our affinity shops are customized so you can always find the items you need on another affinity.
- Dropping affinity items. Some items also were added to drops or appear on events.
- Doing quests that give affinity points as a reward. We have some custom quests like this too like the ones for Cursed affinities that give lots of points when using affinity booster (5.000.000 in total).
- The Daily Affinity Quests give tokens as reward that you can offer to the affinities too.
- Buying the item Eternia Affinity Token in Cash Shop that gives 100.000 points to all affinities (2.000 to Ramslo) and offering them. This is the fastest way.


The best way to farm gold for new players is killing event monsters that we always have available outside Juno. The events and the monsters change from time to time but they always give a lot of gold. To maximize the gold earned, you need to use:

- Lucky Spell Book: Found in some reward boxes, Lacaball, and Cash Shop.
- Platinum Lucky Spell Book: Found in Cash Shop, you can use this one instead of the normal one and get x3 instead of x2.
- Gold Booster: You can buy it on Eternia Special Vendor.
- Telerium Blessing: This is a special buff you find inside the Telerium affinity store.
- Artifact Wings: When the event is active.
- Double Event!: Every weekend there's Double Event. So farming in the weekend is much better.

You can also make lots of gold too dropping useful items like master stones or jewels and selling them, or participating on GS and GM events and selling the prizes. And of course as always selling cash points is the fastest way to get gold.

Do you still have doubts? Need any help? Try reading our Guides & Information (http://forums.eterniagames.com/forumdisplay.php?20-Guides-amp-Information) section, or create a thread on the Questions & Doubts (http://forums.eterniagames.com/forumdisplay.php?21-Questions-amp-Doubts) section and we will assist you!