View Full Version : Updates: 2019-07-01: Summer Escapade!

07-01-2019, 05:37 PM

Welcome back to the Forgotten Resort !
Summer is here and we are planning an escapade to the forgotten resort, problem is... its still full of monsters!
Gather your friends and adventure one more time into this mystic island to discover what secrets it holds.

Portals are located on each main capital, outside city walls (Apulune / Iris) and will be open all July.
Sealakel Leaders spawn every 3 hours and one of them guards a portal that will allow you to access the enemy's resort. Be on your watch!

- We have made some changes to Canyon of Greed that will prevent people from going back inside their faction tunnel. Instead they will need to go around the long path (or use town portal). We will be testing and checking feedback on this change to see if it improves (or not) the daily CoG pvp.
- A Tiny Raptor pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 10% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "The Caretaker" for its duration.
- Eyjafjallajokull pet (from Mother of Raptors quest line) is now a 20% critical bonus damage pet with max OJ values of 10/20. This pet will grant you the title "Savior of Raptors" for its duration.
- Removed hidden cool down for Potions in Quick Bar and Revolver Skill Bar (Z/X and R). There was a weird delay on the use of these slots that did not happen on normal quick bars or inventory.
- New 7 day version of Cure/Dispel/Abolishing/Blessing/Holy potions was added to the Mysterious Woman at Auction House. You can purchase these with gold. Permanent version will be added later to Item Mall.
- A new quick bar was added to the game. You can enable or disable it by pressing shift + plus|minus. It will work with the same hotkeys as the second quick bar. Check hotkeys options for more information.
- Fixed mixed party system to allow raids in ffa map.
- PvP Matches map have been changed back to the original one.
- Made some fixes to chat input to prevent words being removed. Please report if this keeps happening and on what circumstances.
- Movement Rune will now allow you to use it on any party or raid member.
- Position for raid tabs, raid party and loot options will now be saved after relog.
- Skill bars will be unmovable while having the Skill bar lock option enabled in User Settings.