View Full Version : Updates: 2019-06-05: Patch 98 / Some minor changes...

06-05-2019, 03:58 PM
Patch 98 Change-log:

- Bonuses given by the Blessing of the Goddess has been balanced. Now both factions will get the same bonus at the same bless stage.
- Infinite Sanctuary portals have been moved to each faction's map 1 (Ereumana / Reikeuseu). Same location as Core 1. All other locations have been closed.
- Dispel Lv1 is now instant cast but only if you are level 30 or below.
- Several fixes to mobs drop system.
- Some fixes to pet equip action to prevent them going invisible.
- Emotes can now be targeted to another players.
- Fixed an issue that made bosses spawn instantly after a server restart.
- Several fixes and changes to chat display and chat tabs.
- Added missing minimap to Lost Grove.
- Added missing icon to Underworld Garment.