View Full Version : Updates: 2019-03-01: Changes!

03-01-2019, 01:08 PM
On today's patch, we have:

- New player command /wings_ani on/off to enable/disable wings animation. This might give you some fps without having to hide wings.
- Magic users can now make use of Horizon Lapis bonuses while using staffs or daggers.
- Fixed an issue that prevented you from logging out / exiting game.
- Infinite Boxes are now instantly open instead of having to go through the popup window.
- Fixed an issue that messed up your personal shop if you sorted out your inventory while shop was active.
- Fixed several issues related to extended raid system.
- New Raid chat mode. You can switch to it in the drop down menu at chat or by pressing 'Right Control + Enter'.
- Sweeper is back! Find him at CoG where he usually hangs out.
- Skill Charge:
-- Ending position was changed so you land higher than normal in an effort to prevent being stuck in terrain.
-- You cannot use this skill while in the air. (no jump charge)