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02-09-2019, 03:53 AM
http://shaiya.eterniagames.com/images/valentine.jpg (http://shaiya.eterniagames.com/valentine)

Valentine's Day is getting close and I don't have a date yet! Oh well, better find me someone to get me a present, just in case. Cakes accepted <3

Join us in this community event on which every single one will be able to sign up for a secret valentine's game.
You have time until February 10th (inclusive) to apply, after that, a random player will be assigned to you so you can deliver your gift! Be nice and make a thoughtful one.
The value of the gift will be in the intention of it, not in the price. But you must send a gift! Failing to do, might end up with punishments.

We hope everyone can apply and we all have a happy time.

Press on the image or here (http://shaiya.eterniagames.com/valentine) to apply.