View Full Version : Updates 2018-07-04: WarMode and some other things

07-04-2018, 11:24 PM
Patch log:

- War Modes functionality added to the game. You can now switch between Normal Mode and Mode1 or Mode2 to have 3 different sets of stats, skills and equipment.
-- How does it work?
-- If you open your inventory, you will see 3 tabs to the right. Switch between tabs and click on the button next to them to activate that mode.
-- While in modes 1 & 2 you wont get experience. Everything else is just the same as your normal mode.
-- Each mode has his unique saved data for stats, skills and equipped items.

- After testing for a while, we have decided to roll-back the changes on the Assassin's chain skills. It will work just like before and the stun cd are now back to normal.
- All Bosses will now required a minimum of 2-3 players to be able to defeat them. This is a workaround to prevent people doing solo bosses. If you see a boss saying "You cannot defeat me alone!" dialog, means you don't have enough people around to kill him.
- Fixed an issue with warehouse sorting not allowing you to add more items after gaining slots by using the sort function.
- Added 2 new set of daggers lv80 with rec,wis,int and wis,rec,int base stats. Names: Infinite Alfheim Bodkin/Deflector for AoL and Infinite Helheim Bodkin/Deflector for UoF. These will drop in the same places as the other weapons.
- Removed the restriction for using TP to party member / Summon party member from Dios Exiel's room.
- Skill Long Range Lv6 will now last 30m as the other levels.
- New player command /all on/off to toggle all previous commands.
- Continuous Res Rune was added as reward to Infinite Dungeon. This buff will be used to allow you to revive with 100% HP, MP, SP after death so you can get back into battle quickly.
- Weak battle rune added to Infinite Dungeon.

- New 4v4 Matches added to the game.
-- We will be testing this system by enabling/disabling the NPC to queue into matches.
-- Matches can be fought against same faction players but you won't get kills from them, only if you play against opposite faction.
-- By winning a 4v4 match you will receive a reward item and some kill points.