View Full Version : Updates 2018-06-25: Some changes

06-26-2018, 01:52 AM
Changes for today!

- IMPORTANT: Bosses with random respawn will now spawn, ONLY for the first time, after 5-20 minutes of a server restart. What does this mean? Only the first spawn after a server restart will be after 5-20 minutes of the restart so we don't have people rushing bosses.
- Using a mount while in stealth will now automatically remove your buff so you can mount up.
- Added Dual Safe and Mystic Lapis Lv6 to the game.
- Drop rate of Lapis 8s and 9s have been increased.
- Panta/Teo overall drop rates increased so you can farm a little bit before going to real pvp maps.
- Added 2 new Altar pets that you can get by destroying altars/relics/obelisks in pvp maps.
- Target Resurrection Rune was added to the Item Mall. This item cannot be used in PvP Maps.
- Accessory Lapis added to Queen Servus / Queen Caput dungeon drops.
- Wait time to post trade messages reduced to 3 seconds.
- Immunities from Sacra and Greendieta angels have been removed.
- Infinite Dungeon stage complete popup message have been removed. You will now receive your reward by just stepping over the portal.

- New player commands:
-- /pets on/off (Show/Hide all pets)
-- /wings on/off (Show/Hide all wings)
-- /effects on/off (Show/Hide all particle effects)
-- /guildtags on/off (Show/Hide all guild tags)