View Full Version : Maintenance Updates 2018-06-02: Some changes...

06-02-2018, 05:36 PM
Note: Pay attention to the patch notes as some items have been removed or replaced.

- All Pets are now +10 so we normalize the values between each one.
- Critical Bonus from Brave Rerio and Rainbow Bird has been removed. If anyone have these pets and want to change them from a new one, let me know at Discord.
- Remade all costumes, pets and mounts to have 3 versions: Perm, 1 day and 30 days. Some duplicated items have been removed so if you find yourself with a "zUnused" item, let me know so we can replace it.
- Wait time for Character deletion reduced to 45 minutes.
- Trade between factions is now possible but only in AH.
- Changed the text color of the right click menu on other characters.
- Changed whisper chat color so its different from trade chat.
- Drop rate increased for: Lapis 8, Lapis 9, Fortune Coin 4, Fortune Coin 5, Armor Lapisia Box Lv3. You can now get more Lapis Lv8 so you can use them with the Lapis Creation Kit to make 9s.
- Capes/Mantles removed from view when you are in a mount to prevent it going places its not supposed to go.
- Vials needed to make Stat Recreation Runes added to drops in PvP15, PvP30, PvP60, DWater and CoG. (Uncommon Rate)
- Skill Stamina Conversion and Critical Strike duration increased to 30 minutes.
- Skill Etain's Embrace is now fixed.
- Skill Resurrection: cool down reduced to 50 seconds at lv4.

- Absolute Recreation Rune changes:
-- It will now prioritize 2 of the best stats for your class.
-- It will no longer give HP/SP/MP to weapons and accessories like normal Recreation Rune. Due to this change: all OJs found in weapons and accessories will be removed. Sorry for this, but OJ was never supposed to be on these stats for weapons and accessories.
-- It will no longer give you more stats than the allowed max OJ stats for each item.