View Full Version : Maintenance Some Updates!

05-20-2018, 03:38 PM
Hello everyone! These are the updates for today.

Important new functionalities:
- Move to Battlefield function will now have a 10 second delay before teleporting you. This action will be canceled if you perform any actions or if you are attacked.
- NPC Guards will now stop you in place before killing you. Be careful. You will receive a warning message announcing this behavior.

- Crests of Rectitude removed from Infinite Boxes.
- Some bosses will now announce when being attacked and killed.
- Bosses should now summon only one player at a time instead of all. Skill use timer has been increased.
- Bosses will now spawn between 1 and 2 suicidal mobs instead of 1-3. Also, the time between spawn has been increased and should not interfere with the summon player skill.
- Infinite Boxes and Weapon Boxes (Tiamat, Etain, Jeharr, etc) are now stackcable.
- Added Gate Keeper to each KI bases so you can TP out and behind the enemy if you are being camped.
- Added Warehouse Keeper to Guild House.
- Feather of a God is now account bound instead of character bound.
- I have increased the amount of Larvas in Canyon of Greed.
- Immunities on normal mobs in DD1 have been removed.
- Moved Lv50 Capes to Lv51 Leveling Package.
- Added Lv70 Capes to Lv70 Leveling Package,
- Changed 'EXP Stone (12h)' for 'High EXP Stone Lv 2 (30 Mn)' from all Leveling Packs.
- Added 'High EXP Stone Lv 2 (30 Mn)' to Leveling Packs Lv 31, 41, 51, 60 and 70.
- Added a new system to allow FFA maps. We will be doing some test but it should allow us to do FFA, Party vs Party and Guild vs Guild by ignoring faction status.
- Etin Vendor at GRB is now static so you can buy wihtout him closing your window.
- Red Phoenix Charm, Eternal Endurance and Large Gold Drop added to global drops (low rate).
- Red Phoenix Charm, Eternal Endurance and Large Increase Gold Drop added to Mysteriuos Woman NPC at AH.
- Fortune Coins sell value increased by 2.5.
- Use LShift+COMMA to hide your UI.
- Use LShift+PERIOD to hide all names.

Hope you like the changes, and as always.. if you find something wrong, just let me know at discord.