View Full Version : Maintenance Updates 2018-04-20 Minor Changes

04-20-2018, 10:57 PM
- Basic Mode disabled.
-- I've removed from the client the MODE selection in character creation screen. You will now be automatically set at Ultimate Mode.

- Party Member Summon Rune: cooldown reduced to 1 minute.
- Capital, Bootleggery and Arena recall runes: cooldown removed.

- New Chaotic Squares:
-- Lapis LV6 Creation Kit: exchange Lapis Lv5 into Lapis Lv6. (20 to 1)
-- Lapis LV7 Creation Kit: exchange Lapis Lv6 into Lapis Lv7. (15 to 1)
-- Lapis LV8 Creation Kit: exchange Lapis Lv7 into Lapis Lv8. (10 to 1)
-- Lapis LV9 Creation Kit: exchange Lapis Lv8 into Lapis Lv9. (5 to 1)
-- You can find these new chaotic squares at AH NPC Petra Monroe.

I've made some updates to Mob and Item files to change some stack values and add here and there.
Hope you guys keep enjoying the server.